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~What Is A Succubus?

~Light / Dark Energy

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~Reluctant Succubus

How did Olivia enamor so many people from all over the world without even trying? How is it that a common British girl is able to reduce male and female alike to a crumbling mess? It's possible... When you're a succubus.

First of all, what is a succubus?

Most definitions claim it is a female demon that visits men in their dreams to steal their energy or souls via sexual release. Allow me to explain the proper definition.

A succubus is indeed a female demon that visits both genders in the dreamworld. However, they also exist in the physical world. They gather energy via sexual acts to channel back to the succubian horde. The succubian horde is the grand collective of demons, both incubi (male versions of succubi) and succubi (plural of succubus) take part in this demon circle.

Who is a succubus?

In the real world, it usually is relatively straight-forward to spot a succubus. A girl that has a lot of sex and uses her feminine wiles to manipulate situations and people are common signs. Not all succubi make it this obvious of course. Not all succubi are aligned with the demon horde either. Some have split off and do their own thing, stealing energy purely for self preservation. Not only that, some succubi have joined the resistance and fight against the horde, although this is a profoundly rare occurence.

Energy Theft / Absorption

Not only can succubi steal your energy in the dreamworld and physical world, they can also gather it during masturbation. When you masturbate, the energy released is sent out, like an invisible smokey light beam back to the horde. The more depraved the material the masturbation is performed to, the more energy that is released.

Light / Dark Energy

There are two paths to resistance. You can not masturbate or have sex and choose to embrace the light style. The light style works on the principle that you become exponentially more powerful the longer you are celibate. Two weeks is when the powers begin to be a force to be reckoned with. Four weeks is devastating. Anything more than that is an amazing asset to hold. There is a few "super" levels, so to speak, one can attain. Absolute Abstinence has been discovered to have two levels thus far, with more levels being possible. The simplest way to explain this powered-up form is to compare it to Super Saiyajins in Dragon Ball Z. Only through dedicated devotion may one ascend to this level. In addition to these powers, not masturbating also allows you to control time and space; the universe, to some extent. You will notice as more time passes while remaining celibate, that you are able to bend situations to your will.

Dark energy works on the opposite principle and has only had a few relatively recent successes. Dark style has the user having sex often. This includes sex with succubi on purpose as well as performing masturbation to wildly sick and twisted subject matter in order to release a colossal amount of sexual energy. When this energy is released, the user, only through intense training, is able to re-absorb the power and become horribly strong. There are downsides of course. Unlike light style, dark style doesn't accumulate for a long period of time. Rather, it is a way to quickly gather massive amounts of force. It is also very easy to take in too much energy or lose control and have the power diverted to the horde. Even the most powerful dark style users have had experiences of being overwhelmed.


Lilith, Olivia, Succubian Connections

Olivia... a succubus?

Ok... so where does Olivia fit into all of this? How is Olivia a succubus?

Consider this...

- The most prolific succubus throughout history has been the one known as "Lilith". Lilith's appearance is that of pale skin and red hair. Olivia has pale skin and red hair. The red hair is why she dyes her hair often, to throw people off of the trail.

- Lilith's children all have names starting with L's. Olivia starts with an O obviously, however, remember she likes to be called "Lia".

Excerpts from Wikipedia :

"Lilith is further associated with the Anzu bird-Kramer translates the Anzu as owls, but most often it is translated as eagle, vulture, or a bird of prey-lions, owls, and serpents, which are animals associated with the Lilitu."

"The screech owl translation of the KJV is without precedent, and apparently together with the "owl" (yansup, probably a water bird) in 34:11, and the "great owl" (qippoz, properly a snake,) of 34:15 an attempt to render the eerie atmosphere of the passage by choosing suitable animals for difficult to translate Hebrew words. It should be noted that this particular species of owl is associated with the vampiric Strix of Roman legend."

"Later translations include night-owl (Young, 1898)"

Necklace Owl Door

- Lilith and succubi are greatly associated with owls. Olivia has always been seen wearing her owl necklace. A very distinct, mysterious piece of jewelry with no equal having been discovered. Olivia claims to have gotten it from her "grandmother". Her "grandmother" also knit the owl piece that hung on Olivia's door. "Grandmother" is likely Olivia's way of referring to Lilith. Perhaps she really is Olivia's grandmother or that is the closest thing her relationship with Olivia can be likened to. Olivia is concealing Lilith. Note the posing of the "Blood And Bandages" image in front of the owl. Her eyes are blind-folded. More on the eyes below...

- Much of Lilith's story is rooted in Jewish lore. Olivia is Jewish.

- Lilith and succubi are also associated with trees and forests. One of Olivia's rare public outings was with a friend in a forest. She seemed comfortable there.

- Followers of light style start becoming powerful after seven days. This is where her "7 Days" set title comes from. It's also why she is seen reaching towards her sexual organs in several of the images. She is dressed up as something of a succubus in this set as well.

- Her "Witch" series was meant to express her feelings towards being a succubus. Obviously, calling it "Succubus" would be too obvious and risk unwanted discovery.

Wikipedia again :

"Another similar monster was the Greek Lamia, who likewise governed a class of child stealing lamia-demons. Lamia bore the title "child killer" and was feared for her malevolence, like Lilith.[56] She has different conflicting origins and is described as having a human upper body from the waist up and a serpentine body from the waist down. Lamia had a vicious sexual appetite that matched her cannibalistic appetite for children. She was notorious for being a vampiric spirit and loved sucking men's blood.[59] Her gift was the "mark of a Sibyl", a gift of second sight. Zeus was said to have given her the gift of sight. However, she was "cursed" to never be able to shut her eyes so that she would forever obsess over her dead children. Taking pity on Lamia, Zeus gave her the ability to take her eyes out and in from her eye sockets."

- "Lamia" starts with an L. Similar being to Lilith; child killer. Olivia said she was interested in children. Serpentine body? Olivia's sign on the Chinese zodiac is a snake. Olivia has uncommon epicanthal folds despite not being of mongoloid origin. Perhaps it is a trait passed down from the "Mark Of Sibyl" incident.

- Lilith's epithet was "the beautiful maiden". Olivia's epithet was "the scarecrow maiden". Why scarecrow? More on that below.

Reluctant Succubus

Not a reluctant angel. A reluctant succubus. She doesn't want to embrace her succubian destiny and has most likely left the horde. She runs from all of her so-called stalkers because she feels intense guilt over what she has unleashed; over her powers. She is afraid anyone who sees her or comes in contact with her will succumb to her abilities. Thus, she has withdrawn herself from society and tries not to have any more images around to pull more unfortunate souls into her web of despair. This is why she mutilates herself, shaves her head and does other things to make her appear less attractive. She also does not desire discovery and runs to protect herself as well.

7 Days

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